UI Design

Branding Design Melbourne for a Massage Shop

Ease Land Massage and Therapy is a massage shop in Melbourne that acquired the services of Paperdino to do the branding of their company. Paperdino was happy to design their loyalty card, website and brochure. The key to a good design is consistency and coherence. In doing the branding design Melbourne of Ease Land, our designers decided on one color palette then combined it with colors that did not only go well with the base color, but also reminded customers about how it is like to get pampered and relaxed.

Web design for massage shop

Harmony Massage is a massage shop that has multiple branches located across Australia. They needed a website that did not only inform their customers about locations, they also needed an interactive approach to their web design. Paperdino did their web design in such a way that it featured inquiry forms and pop up feedback windows without cluttering the over all look of the website. To exude the feeling of relaxation, Paperdino did a play on colors that inspire calmness and serenity.

Web design with animated slider

Venture Freight is a leading freight forwarder that opted for a dynamic, animated website to communicate their services to potential customers. Since the company ships most of their cargo by sea and by air, the design revolves around the color blue to remind customers of the sea and sky.  The left pane of the website also features the testimonials of their clients, shown in a non intrusive, but noticeable window. Paperdino also placed multi-language support on their web design.

Logo and Website Design for a removal company

Paperdino Design creates logos that are much more than icons and words, it tells a story about your company just in the case of Kevin Removal & Storage, a leading, well-organized and efficient moving company. The company has selected Paperdino Design for its logo design Melbourne job and we have designed a logo for the company that truly depicts the exact business of Kevin Removal & Storage.

Website design for real estate agency

Paperdino is one of the few web design agencies in Melbourne that offer multi-language features on their web designs. Azone real estate is a real estate agency that has multiple functions found immediately at their front page. Aside from its animated slider, the web design features property searcher, a sign up form, loan calculator, email collector and even a map. Having several elements on the front page of your website allows your website viewers to immediately engage your website. Often, when your website has a lot of stagnant information on the front page, viewers just open the website and leave. Having several elements all at once makes room for more interaction, therefore increasing your company’s chances of acquiring a sale.