UI Design

Logo design and web development – electronic bikes

Just Ride is a shop that is known for their high quality electronic bikes. Paperdino is proud to be of service to a company that provide eco-friendly means of transportation. Their high quality electronic bikes help save the environment and it also improves the over all health of its user. Just Ride commissioned Paperdino to do their logo design and web design in Melbourne. For their logo, We used the initial letters of their company, and tweaked it to make it look like a bike. For their web design, we went for a minimalist look to make navigation simple. The web design also coincides with the company’s eco-friendly advocacy.    

Branding and Website Design Melbourne: XP Education

XP Education is a learning center that helps prepare university students for their future careers. We are privileged to be the company\’s website solutions provider. For this client, we wanted to emphasize professionalism using sophisticated colors. We also want to make the website more comprehensive for convenient navigation. You can call our branding and website design Melbourne office for information on our design services.

Branding and Web Design Melbourne: Ausland Property

Ausland Property is a real estate company in Melbourne. We are pleased to partner with them in their effort to reach more clients and showcase their products and services. For their website, we came up with a design that represents its character: cozy and professional. We followed the company’s theme colors in setting up the home pages. We also wanted to make sure that the website offers convenient navigation for users to better understand each function and find what they are looking for.

E-commerce site selling Roadring

Paperdino has successfully completed the web design project of Melbourne-based RoadRing. It is basically a highly visible flashing bicycle indicator/ turning signal that is worn by cyclists on the hand like a ring.

Our expert website designers created RoadRing website that is not just appealing to the viewers and customers but also it is interactive, navigation-friendly and give a clear picture of website’s theme.

E-commerce site selling kids toys

Paperdino Design, a professional web design Melbourne services provider, also takes credit in conceptualizing, scheming, designing and creating a responsive website for Online Shopping Co (Aust), a one-stop shop for best quality online shopping lifestyle products. As the company serves as a dedicated resource for offering best quality of toys, monitoring surveillance, digital products accessories, kids’ perambulator bags, teenager’s sports equipment etc. In the similar fashion our professional team of website designer had dedicatedly and enthusiastically undertaken the web design project of the company.

Web design with online payment and document transfer functions

Paperdino does not only do simple web design. We are also able to incorporate specific functions on your desired web design. For the web design of Power CV, Paperdino incorporated online payment and document transfer functions within the web design. The backend of the website has an order management panel wherein Power CV is able to manage and organize the data that the website acquired from their customers. Once done, the website can also send an automated email to their customer, allowing the customer to download their purchase.      

Web design for real estate agency

The real estate industry is very competitive because there are a lot of options available for would be property owners. For the web design of Golden Real Estate Agency, Paperdino incorporated a search panel that allows potential clients to search for their needed property. The search options are also very precise making each search more efficient. Aside form the search panel, the web design has an inquiry form on the first page i case the customer wants immediate answers to their inquiries.

Web design for basalt fiber company

We do web design in Melbourne for business from all backgrounds. We take care of customers not only by build their websites but also give them a powerful tool to driving better results.  We understand how to customize your websites to make it stand out from the rest. We will make you look professional and at the same time easy to navigate for the users.

Website Design for industrial materials business

We do website development Melbourne with years of experience. We are always proud of our custom designed websites always save our customers’ time and money over the years because we make sure it is designed and build from the sketch to suit their business needs and it gets the target audience and results they want.

Mobile app design for travel angecy

A mobile apps design is a challenging feat due to the short attention span of viewers when it comes to viewing things on mobile. Not only that, mobile apps are constantly increasing in number, hence the need to have the best design so your mobile app can stand out. Paperdino designed a mobile app for a travel agency that was inspired by a photo album. There is no better way to entice people to travel than to show them pictures of beautiful surroundings. The app also has strategically placed buttons that doesn’t interfere with the over all visual appeal of the app.