Branding Design

What’s with the brand? Branding is almost everything. The way you brand your company creates a lasting impact on your target market so this should be paid close attention to. It all begins with hiring a good branding design Melbourne company. Why?
  • If you are a start-up business, there may be areas in branding you are yet to learn about. You need professional branding design Melbourne company to help you while you learn the ropes.
• If you are an established business and need to strengthen your brand, a good branding design Melbourne company will also prove helpful in keeping to your target and goals.
• If you do not completely know how branding works and only have ideas, find the right branding design Melbourne company which will help you turn those ideas into money-making visuals.
  But, there is more to branding than just making your target market aware of your company, product, or services. It also gives and builds character that lasts in people’s minds. Some branding design Melbourne company are so good that for a fraction of what you are supposed to pay to large companies, your brand becomes a household name. If you want to achieve growth, progress, and awesome mass recall, be choosy when it comes to branding design Melbourne company that you will entrust your company to.
Paperdino Design is a growing company that has worked with businesses and individuals of various sizes. Whether you are a start-up or seasoned entrepreneur, we treat your company like our brainchild. We offer branding design Melbourne solutions that will take your company to a whole new level.

Logo and Website Design for a removal company

Paperdino Design creates logos that are much more than icons and words, it tells a story about your company just in the case of Kevin Removal & Storage, a leading, well-organized and efficient moving company. The company has selected Paperdino Design for its logo design Melbourne job and we have designed a logo for the company that truly depicts the exact business of Kevin Removal & Storage.

Business card design for recruitment firm

Recruitment firms need to build an image of trust, especially when recruiting high profile executives for multi national clients. TDP is a company with offices in Singapore, Hongkong and USA that commissioned Paperdino to do their business card design. The design team of Paperdino opted for a vibrant and professional feel by combining geometric shapes in different monochromatic shades. Rounded corners also help the business card design of TDP standout. The quote at the back adds an interesting touch that entices those who receive TDP’s business cards to engage in what they have to offer.

Logo and business card design for advisory firms

Advisory firms need to communicate an image that express the reliability of their expertise at their given field. Optimum Capital Advisory and Investments acquired the services of Paperdino for their logo design and business card design. For their logo, Paperdino used the initial letters of their company name and combined them. We then incorporated a crosshair, a symbol used for target shooting that measures precision, just like the expertise of Optimum Capital.

Logo design for a Cafe

Coffee shops need to have all of their elements stand out if they want to survive in its highly competitive industry. For Tina’s Coffee and Food Takeaway, Paperdino designed a logo that had an earthy and cozy feel. The logo design also played with swirls to mimic the same image you get when you stir your coffee.

Branding design for luxury products

Linoma is an importer of luxury bed linens from India. Expressing luxury in branding design can be done through the use of elite elements like smooth waves, and a play on metallic colors. Paperdino did the branding design of Linoma for their logo and packaging in a way that it depicted the softness of Linoma’s premium 300 – 1000 gsm bed linens. Matte gold, a color often used to describe luxury, was used to show the elegance of having Linoma products.