Logo Design Melbourne

It’s just a logo, most of you may think. But marketing experts will agree that the logo must be emphasized. Logo design Melbourne experts will also tell you how important the company logo is. Business minded people will show you how important it is. And by now, even ordinary people know its value. Most especially, your target market will demonstrate the company logo’s importance.

The logo carry significant weight in your marketing efforts, which is why in order to produce a profitable and impactful one, you should choose carefully the logo design Melbourne company that you would want to work with.

There are so many graphic and logo design Melbourne companies sprouting nowadays so the competition is pretty stiff. What makes Paperdino stand out from the rest is the quality of work you get for reasonable prices.

Paperdino Design offers logo design Melbourne solutions that not only fit your budget but also fit your requirements. We make sure that our clients are well-pampered by giving them more than what they paid for. Our strong and talented creative team is oozing with ideas that are sure to contribute to your company’s growth, but we are willing to work with you 100%. If you need a specific logo design Melbourne, we will come up with the best interpretation of it.

Branding design for luxury products

Linoma is an importer of luxury bed linens from India. Expressing luxury in branding design can be done through the use of elite elements like smooth waves, and a play on metallic colors. Paperdino did the branding design of Linoma for their logo and packaging in a way that it depicted the softness of Linoma’s premium 300 – 1000 gsm bed linens. Matte gold, a color often used to describe luxury, was used to show the elegance of having Linoma products.