Logo Design Melbourne

It’s just a logo, most of you may think. But marketing experts will agree that the logo must be emphasized. Logo design Melbourne experts will also tell you how important the company logo is. Business minded people will show you how important it is. And by now, even ordinary people know its value. Most especially, your target market will demonstrate the company logo’s importance.

The logo carry significant weight in your marketing efforts, which is why in order to produce a profitable and impactful one, you should choose carefully the logo design Melbourne company that you would want to work with.

There are so many graphic and logo design Melbourne companies sprouting nowadays so the competition is pretty stiff. What makes Paperdino stand out from the rest is the quality of work you get for reasonable prices.

Paperdino Design offers logo design Melbourne solutions that not only fit your budget but also fit your requirements. We make sure that our clients are well-pampered by giving them more than what they paid for. Our strong and talented creative team is oozing with ideas that are sure to contribute to your company’s growth, but we are willing to work with you 100%. If you need a specific logo design Melbourne, we will come up with the best interpretation of it.

Website and Graphic Design Melbourne: APC (Australia Purchasing Center)

APC (Australia Purchasing Center) is one of our latest clients. Paperdino is proud to design some of the company’s major marketing/branding materials such as business cards, logo, and banner. Our graphic design Melbourne team focused on APC’s professional and laid back theme, combining cool and edgy colors to represent their service. Check out our protfolio.

Logo design and web development – electronic bikes

Just Ride is a shop that is known for their high quality electronic bikes. Paperdino is proud to be of service to a company that provide eco-friendly means of transportation. Their high quality electronic bikes help save the environment and it also improves the over all health of its user. Just Ride commissioned Paperdino to do their logo design and web design in Melbourne. For their logo, We used the initial letters of their company, and tweaked it to make it look like a bike. For their web design, we went for a minimalist look to make navigation simple. The web design also coincides with the company’s eco-friendly advocacy.    

Logo Design for property leasing management agency

A property leasing and management company needs to convey an image that shows transparency and being straightforward. For our client Leaseway, Paperdino did a logo design that immediately communicated Leaseway’s services to its existing and potential customers. The logo design exhibits a key within a circle, to denote a holistic approach to handling properties. We also used green and blue as its main colors since these colors are easily associated with real estate and properties.

Branding Design Melbourne for a Massage Shop

Ease Land Massage and Therapy is a massage shop in Melbourne that acquired the services of Paperdino to do the branding of their company. Paperdino was happy to design their loyalty card, website and brochure. The key to a good design is consistency and coherence. In doing the branding design Melbourne of Ease Land, our designers decided on one color palette then combined it with colors that did not only go well with the base color, but also reminded customers about how it is like to get pampered and relaxed.

Logo Design for Photography Business

We create a professional design logo for photography business and other businesses too as it attracts many eyeballs and leaves an everlasting impression in people mind. We created a creative and imposing logo for Flat Out Fotos, an Australia-based photography company. The logo is artistically crafted by our ingenious designers who had make use of 3 initial letters of the company’s business.

Logo and Website Design for a removal company

Paperdino Design creates logos that are much more than icons and words, it tells a story about your company just in the case of Kevin Removal & Storage, a leading, well-organized and efficient moving company. The company has selected Paperdino Design for its logo design Melbourne job and we have designed a logo for the company that truly depicts the exact business of Kevin Removal & Storage.

Logo design for a Cafe

Coffee shops need to have all of their elements stand out if they want to survive in its highly competitive industry. For Tina’s Coffee and Food Takeaway, Paperdino designed a logo that had an earthy and cozy feel. The logo design also played with swirls to mimic the same image you get when you stir your coffee.