Website Design Melbourne: 3 Ways to Simplify Your Web Design

Sometimes, the simpler things can be more meaningful. And this certainly applies to web design, where bolder doesn’t necessarily mean better. You need to minimize distractions as much as possible, so visitors can focus on your message. A good website design Melbourne agency can give you a beautiful website without making things complicated. Here’s how:

1.Focus only on the essential elements

Planning which elements to put in your web design can be confusing. It’s hard to be objective when everything seems important. However, you can still narrow down your focus (and your number of web pages) by using the 80-20 rule.

The 80-20 rule is a principle by which you choose only 20% of elements that are 80% efficient. This forces you to think about which contents are your priority. It could be the copy, customer reviews, or instructional videos. Choose only the ones that deliver the most results.

Now that you’ve narrowed down your elements, see what’s left and take them out of your design. If your social media sharing buttons are creating more clutter than conversions, remove them from your site. Web visitors are often on the fence when it comes to buying products or subscribing. So the less reason they have for closing the tab, the better the opportunity is for you to get conversions.

2.Put the most important content above the fold

Do you know what shows up on your customers’ screens? Do they need to scroll down before they can see your call to action button? If yes, your web design is not effective in getting the message across. According to a Nielsen Norman Group study, web users spend 80% of their time focusing on what’s above the fold.

Scrolling is extra work for most people. And if they need to do any action (i.e. scrolling) to get to the most important information, they are likely to leave your website within seconds. One way to eliminate this distraction is to make the header height shorter. Your web design Melbourne agency can do on a CSS stylesheet.

3.Use colors and fonts strategically, not distractingly

The psychology of color tells us that colors have a dramatic impact on conversion rates. But when you get crazy with all the colors of the rainbow, you run the risk of annoying people. And do you know what annoyed people do? They click the Close button with vengeance.

Same thing goes for fonts. Use too many of them and your business is going to look amateur. The best way to deal with this problem?

Choose 2-3 colors and fonts and use them sparingly in your website. If you want more contrast, use shades of the same color in your other elements or use variations of fonts from the same family.

Designing your website doesn’t need to be complicated work. The simpler your design is, the less distractions your customers will have to go through. To be sure that you get all the important elements correctly displayed, hire a professional Web Design Melbourne agency.