4 ways to make your business stand out online

How to stand out online

There’s a lot of talk about branding these days. But few businesses get it right. When a client asks our branding design Melbourne agency for a new logo or website, oftentimes what they need is a rebrand. A logo cannot stand in place of a good branding strategy.

What makes brand design stand out?And what makes it memorable? It all begins with these steps:

1. Define your brand
Your brand is not your logo, your website, or social media profiles. It’s the way you position yourself and how people see you. Are you fun? Witty? Inspirational? It’s your story and your personality. How people feel when they see your name on their computer screens or in a print ad. It’s strictly not your design, but how those two go together. Before launching a redesign, think about what your brand really is about so you have better chances to stand out online.

2. Know your customers
You’ve got homework to do. Before rolling out your new branding materials, you need to know who your customers are. This goes beyond knowing their demographics – it’s important for businesses to get inside their customers’ head to get a good idea of what they are like. What would they say when they stumble upon your business? This is why creating personas is highly recommended when starting any marketing effort. It helps you narrow down your target and enables you to speak in the way your customers speak.

3. Aim to stand out
An effective brand inspires recall. It’s easily recognizable even when you’re side by side with the competition. Speaking of competition, check out what your competition is doing and think about how you outshine their design. But the caveat to looking at the rivalry is overdoing the design. Keep your brand design simple and relevant to you. Copying what others have done will make people remember you alright, but in a bad light.

4. Be consistent
With the rebrand, you’ll be showcasing your new identity across all your marketing platforms. It pays to be consistent so as not to alienate your audience. Use the same logo in your website and all your social media profiles. It helps you to become more recognizable this way. Also, a note on your brand voice: Just as you would use the same logo all over your marketing collateral, you should also use the same voice in your messages. Don’t switch from serious to fun then back to serious again when speaking to your audience. This is a guaranteed way to lose your followers.

Branding is not confined to design alone. You need to let your personality (or your business) shine through. This helps your audience remember and trust you more. For branding that works, contact PaperDino, a Branding Design Melbourne company.