Stationary Design

Folder Design for Immigration Agency

A presentationĀ folder for your business should not only hold your company profile and documents. A presentation folder should also communicate your products, services, and company image as a whole. Paperdino designed a presentationĀ folder for New Point Immigration. The design had various illustrations of key iconic landmarks that depicts the idea of travel and relocation. We also used the color blue heavily to resemble the idea of the sky, which is related to flying to another place.

Branding Design Melbourne for a Massage Shop

Ease Land Massage and Therapy is a massage shop in Melbourne that acquired the services of Paperdino to do the branding of their company. Paperdino was happy to design their loyalty card, website and brochure. The key to a good design is consistency and coherence. In doing the branding design Melbourne of Ease Land, our designers decided on one color palette then combined it with colors that did not only go well with the base color, but also reminded customers about how it is like to get pampered and relaxed.