Roll-up Banner

Website and Graphic Design Melbourne: APC (Australia Purchasing Center)

APC (Australia Purchasing Center) is one of our latest clients. Paperdino is proud to design some of the company’s major marketing/branding materials such as business cards, logo, and banner. Our graphic design Melbourne team focused on APC’s professional and laid back theme, combining cool and edgy colors to represent their service. Check out our protfolio.

Pull up banners design for events

Pull up banners is an essential part of any event. In the case of Ivy Real Estate, they needed pull up banners to help them announce their properties and services during their exhibits. In designing pull up banners, the content and the layout is of utmost importance. Paperdino designed the pull up banners of Ivy Real Estate by doing a top to bottom layout, with the company name and logo on top. The other elements of the pull banner design was also concise so that the event goers can understand what Ivy Real Estate is all about with just one look.

Pull up banners design for real estate agency

Having a company pull up banner is important especially when your company belongs to the real estate industry. Ivy Real Estate Agency is a local Australian agency based in Melbourne. They provide real estate assistance in terms of purchase, sale and investment of residential/commercial property, property management, business deals, investment consulting and so on. Paperdino is equipped with the capacity to work with Chinese language in doing pull up banner designs. The design of Ivy Real Estate’s banner has a good mix of photos and text to make its message clear and concise for better and faster understanding.