Graphic Design Melbourne: 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make on Their Websites

Most online entrepreneurs we know wear different hats. One of the many different hats business owners wear is that of a graphic designer. But how can entrepreneurs make eye-catching graphic designs without becoming frustrated? Here are some tips from PaperDino, a graphic design Melbourne company:

  1. Poor typography

Fonts can make or break your design. It’s an overkill to use five typefaces. And it’s also ludicrous to use fonts that do not complement each other and your message. What to do instead? Choose 2-3 font families that demonstrate the mood you’re going for. The common practice is to use one serif font and one sans serif. This makes your message easy to read.

  1. Not enough white space

It’s difficult not knowing what to put in your graphic design. But it’s just as frustrating when you have too many ideas that you want to cram in a small space.Putting too many elements in your design can distract the eyes of your customers from your message. Each element needs space to breath – even the letters. Use a grid if you’re having trouble seeing which part of your graphic is cluttered.

  1. Wrong color combination

Contrasting colors are good to create emphasis, but make sure your color choices represent the feeling you’re trying to evoke. Choose 3 colors at the most – anything more can make your design look very busy and confusing. Look at how the colors interact with each other and how your text looks like on top of them.

  1. Not proofreading

Before finalizing your design, make it a point to proofread the text first. A lot of good graphics are ruined by misspellings. Also, it looks unprofessional and will make your business look amateur. It’s good to have an extra pair of eyes to review your work. But if you’re a one-man band (as some online entrepreneurs are), give your design a rest and review the text another day. You will come back with a refreshed set of eyes that can easily spot errors.

  1. Forgetting the point of your design

Let’s not forget why you’re making the graphic design in the first place. Whether it’s to entice customers to check out your new product, hurry over to your website for the sale, or sign up to your email list, your purpose should always be clear. Without having a clear purpose, you can get lost in designing a graphic that won’t help you make sales.

Business owners don’t need to go to design school to come up with decent, eye-catching graphic design. Before diving into the work, outline your purpose for creating that graphic and everything else should fall into place. If all else fails, get in touch with a Graphic Design Melbourne agency to give you a professional design your business needs.